Proceedings of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Biologists (CPUB)

ISSN 1555-3760

CPUB periodically publishes the abstracts from each annual meeting as well as other materials as its Proceedings.  Electronic versions of the Proceedings are located here as PDF or Word files that can be downloaded by clicking on the link provided.

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News and Events

CPUB is on Facebook! Find us here.

Annual Meeting 2017 will be at Kutztown University, April 7-8, 2017. The information packet is available for download. The CPUB Proceedings is available for download.

Registration for the Annual Meeting 2017 Registration is open.

Student Research Grants: The RFP for 2016 student research grants have been awarded. here The deadline for the next RFP will be in the Fall of 2017.

A reminder that grant recipients are required to submit a final report for their grant by August of the year the grant was awarded. Failure to submit a report will result in ineligibility to submit future grant requests.