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History (M.A. 9A44) English (M.A. 9524)
Secondary Education Math/Science (M. Ed. 9252) Nursing (M.S.N. 9N)
                   Joint Program with Clarion & Edinboro Universities

Counseling and Education Psychology:
Student Personnel (9485) Community Counseling, Addiction (9416)
Community Counseling, Child & Adolescent (9415) Community Counseling, Adult (9417)
Elementary School Counseling (9421) Secondary School Counseling (9415)
Elementary Education/Early Childhood
Reading (9192) Math/Science (9152)
Special Education
Master Teacher (9388) Supervision (9389)
Parks & Recreation/Environmental Education
Environmental Education (9625) Park and Resource Management (9399)
Sustainable Systems (9692)  
Physical Education & Sport Management
Sport Management (9765)  
Exercise and Rehabilitative Sciences
Exercise & Wellness Promotion (9753)  
Physical Therapy (D.P.T. 9D6C)  
Non-Degree (9 01)  
Certification Only
Gerontology (939G) Mentally & Physically Handicapped (939C)
Supervision (939D) Reading (919C)
Environmental Education(962C) Principalship Preparation Program (9425)
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Financial Aid for Graduate Students  
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