Geography, Geology, and the Environment
Geography, Geology, and the Environment

Department Programs

Below is a list of programs in our department, and for each program you can download a program sheet in Adobe® Portable Document File (Adobe® .pdf) format or in Microsoft Office Document (.doc) format. If you are already enrolled in one of our department's programs, an older version may apply to you - check with your advisor for details.

Bachelor of Science Degree:


Environmental Geoscience

Bachelor of Arts Degree:

Masters of Science Degree:

Academic Minors:

Other Programs:

Internship Program

Course descriptions may be found in SRU's online catalog and here's a description (Adobe® .pdf format) of SRU's Liberal Studies Program:

Course Frequency:
As you are planning when to take courses in your programs, it is helpful to know how often those courses are offered. Here is a course frequency list for the College of Health, Environment and Science. It is not guaranteed to be accurate, but it is a helpful tool.

You will need the Acrobat® Reader® software to view the Adobe® .pdf files. You can get the Acrobat® Reader® software by clicking the following link:

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