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For Windows Users (On-Campus)

What are the "H" and "I" Drives?

"H" Drive - For students, faculty, and staff

  • Use this web space to store Microsoft Office files (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) instead of using diskettes. You can access these files from any PC on campus--in a computer lab, classroom console, or personal workstation
  • Install Eudora Light on your "H" drive (see "how to download & set up Eudora" information sheet), and you can access your e-mail while on campus.

"I" Drive - For faculty and students

  • Professors and students can exchange class-related work over the "I" drive

On Campus

If your PC is set up correctly, the logon box pictured below will appear on Windows startup. If it does not, call the Help Desk at ext. 4357. (Your network configuration must include this check box logon validation in order to authenticate to the SRUNET domain.  EXAMPLE:

If your logon is successful, the H and I drives will show up under My Computer as shown below. Simply click on the drive that you need to access. A new window should open. You are now in the H (or I depending on which you selected). You can save your files to this window.  EXAMPLE:

If you are unable to get the H, I, or W drive after you logon to the computer,
please see instructions on Mapping the Campus Drives.  

If you still require further assistance, please call the Help Desk at (724) 0738-4357.

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