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Usernames and Passwords

All students need to have a user name and password in order to logon to any campus computer or to access specific SRU utilities and programs (Rockmail, Blackboard) on or off-campus.

Your network username is generated by the Slippery Rock University computer automatically when your admission process is complete. Your network user name and your email address is the first, middle, and last initial of your name, followed by four randomly generated numbers.

Your username is printed on the back of your SRU student ID card. If you still do not know your user name, then to the campus directory and search for your name. This site will display your e-mail address. Your user name is your email address.

Student Example:

  • If your name is John Casey Doe, and your randomly generated numbers are 8721, then your username would be: jed8721 (if you did not report your middle name when applying to SRU, or you don't have a middle name, then put an x for your middle initial).
  • Your initial password is your six digit birthday. If you were born on December 25, 1982, your password would be 122582. However, you are required to change your initial password at first logon.

The password expires every 100 days, and the SRU network system will start to prompt you several days before the current password expires. Refer to the "How to Change Your Password" information sheet for more information.

If your password expires, you can:

  • Visit the Help Desk during regular business hours.
  • Call the Help Desk at 724-738-4357(HELP) and they will reset your password.


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