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Jialing Wang

Dr. Jialing Wang


Interests: GIS & Remote Sensing Applications, Land Use Change Analysis,
                  Urban Development and Spatial Dynamics, Landscape Ecology,
                  Spatial Data Modeling, Cartography, Economic Development and
                  Environment Issues in China.

Phone: (724) 738-2383
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Jeff Forrest

Dr. Jeffrey Forrest

Chief Research Officer

Interests: Finance, Management Science, Economics, Numerical Analysis,
                 Mathematical Modeling, Nonlinear Analysis and Applications,
                 Mathematical and General Systems Theory and Applications, Statistics,
                 Philosophy of Science, Pedagogy, etc.

Phone: (724) 738-2258
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George Brown

Dr. George P. Brown

Senior Research Associate

Interests: Chinese and Japanese Politics, Comparative Politics, and International

Phone: (724) 738-2435
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Patrick Grant

Dr. Patrick Grant

Senior Research Associate

Interests: Special Education.

Phone: (724) 738-2456
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Xianfeng Chen

Dr. Xianfeng Chen

Associate Director (Faculty Research)

Interests: Chinese Geomorphology, Remote Sensing, GIS Modeling.

Phone: (724) 738-2385
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Hong Zhang

Ms. Hong Zhang

Associate Director (Finance Affairs) & Treasurer

Interests: Chinese Law, Accounting.

Phone: (724) 738-2385
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Hong Zhang

Dr. Hongbo Zhou

Associate Director (Scholar/Student Exchange)

Interests: Chinese IT Industry, Wireless Networking, Network Security, Distributed
                  Systems, Operating System.

Phone: (724) 738-2733
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Aiping Chen-Gaffey

Ms. Aiping Chen-Gaffey

Outreach Coordinator

Interests: Modern Languages, Library, Psychology.

Phone: (724) 738-2660
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Armand Policicchio

Dr. Armand Policicchio

Research Associate

Interests: Women in Asia, Pre-Modern Asian History, Teaching of Asia in the Public

Phone: (724) 738-4762
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Andrew Covin

Dr. Andrew Covin

Research Associate

Interests: Classical Chinese Philosophy.

Phone: (724) 738-4996
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Andrew Covin

Dr. Heike Hartmann

Research Associate

Interests: Hydroclimatology, Time Series Analyses, China

Phone: (724) 738-4376




Hong Zhuang

Ms. Hong Zhuang


Interests: Chinese Cultures, Modern Languages.

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Past Advisory Board Members

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