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Academic Support

SRU faculty and students use us as a resource


The Macoskey Center can enhance the educational experience you have designed for your students in a variety of ways:

Classroom Support
Come to us, or we can come to your classroom and help to provide instruction on applied sustainability and sustainable systems.  Depending on your needs, we can provide presentations or interactive programs on topics such as renewable energy systems, ecological design, green building principles, sustainable farming systems and composting, as well as general information on sustainability.  Let's talk about how we can integrate sustainability into your academic experience!  

Interpretive Trail
Whether it's guided walks by SRU faculty, our staff, or as a self-guided tour, our trail system can provide an interactive window into the world of sustainability.  The
Blue Bird Trail is approximately .75 miles long and focuses on ecological succession and the ecosystem response to human disturbances.  The Green Frog Trail is approximately .45 miles long and shows sustainable strategies for developing a regenerative partnership between human activities and ecological systems. Send an e-mail to the Macoskey Center to get a free trail guide.

Research Resources
Got an academic initiative that is sustainability-focused?  We can help to visualize and implement your project on our site or elsewhere.  Call (724) 738-4050 to discuss your specific research needs with the Macoskey Center Director.   

Reference Library
The Macoskey Center houses a reference library containing books and periodicals relating to sustainability, and environmental issues.  The library is open to the public 9 am to 4:30 pm Monday - Friday.  

Harmony House Gathering Space
Need a place to hold your sustainability related class, meeting, or study group?  The Harmony House gathering space can accommodate a group of up to approximately 35 people.  This space is equipped with a full kitchen, access to information technology resources, and an informal atmosphere.  Call 724-738-4050 to reserve the space for your group.     

Tour the Center
Bring your group for a tour of the Macoskey Center and learn how we are putting sustainability into practice.  Generally, a tour covers topics such as renewable energy systems, green building principles, sustainable farming systems and composting, as well as general background information on sustainability.  A typical tour of the buildings and grounds lasts one and a half hours.  Tours are designed around the specific needs of each group.   To schedule your group for a tour call:  (724) 738-4050.



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