Slippery Rock University

We take everything!

Recruited supplies

Contact: Gretchen Schumacher


Supplies can be delivered to Gretchen Schumacher. Direct shipping to Santo Domingo is also available. Contact Gretchen Schumacher for the details for direct shipping.

First Aid

Bandaids Antiseptic

Hand Wash Hand Sanitizer

Burn Care Silvadene

Gloves Alcohol and preps

H2O2 Saline

Sterile H2O Bulb Syringe

Cotton Balls KY Jelly

Masks Goggles

Steri-strips Hot/Cold wraps

Kling/Kerlex Blue underpads

Wound Dressing

Telfa Gauze (all sizes/types)

Tape Ostomy supplies

Iodine Packing

Ace wraps Eye patches

Scissors Scalpels


Exam Equipment

Tongue depressors BP cuffs

Cotton applicators Otoscopes

Stethescopes Thermometer

Peak Flow meter Flashlights

Penlights Sharps boxes

Sheets/Gowns Drapes

Reflex hammer Eye chart

Urine container Table paper

Bath/Emesis basin Safety pins

Rubber bands Ambu bag

Med cups/spoons Speculums

Med bags/duffles Tape measure

Ortho Supplies

Splints (ALL NEEDED)



Binders (ALL NEEDED)


Crutches Walkers

Canes Wheelchairs

Ortho boots Knee immobilizers

Lambs wool Sheep skin

Compression stockings


Doppler and transmission jelly


EKG Machine and patches

Baby scales

Woods lamp


Airway management tools

Catheters (ALL TYPES)


U/A sticks

Pregnancy tests

Hemoccult cards/developer

Accucheck and strips/lancets