We are happy that you have selected Slippery Rock University as the place you wish to continue your education.  The transition to your first year will be one which can be made easier if you prepare yourself by attending an Orientation program that will assist you in preparing for living on campus,  studying, and succeeding in the university environment.

Orientation Mission Statement

     The Orientation Office is committed to providing services related to new student programs at Slippery Rock University.  Orientation is viewed as an ongoing and multi-faceted transition process which involves academic, intellectual, and personal development. 
     The SRU Orientation staff is comprised of faculty, staff, and students.  Orientation strives to attract pluralistic membership and leadership and endeavors to facilitate the professional development of its staff.  Orientation is dedicated to the advancement and well being of the incoming and current students of Slippery Rock University.
     Attending college for the first time requires mental and physical preparation.  Students who plan well, set personal goals, and use the resources that are available usually become successful students who graduate from Slippery Rock University.
     We want you to become a member of our more than 40,000 alumni.  To begin to reach that goal, we offer an Orientation Program that is designed to help you get on the academic track of success. 
All first year students must attend a program which provides information new students need about services, academic requirements, and what it is like to be a student on our campus.  We find that students who have participated in an Orientation program adjust more easily to the demands of university life because they have more information and are prepared. 
     The Orientation program will give you and your family in-depth information, answers to questions, a close-up realistic look at the campus community, and access to people who can assist you in your transition.
     Past participants have evaluated the Orientation program as helpful and informative.  We hope that you and your family will find it is the same.  Setting and achieving goals is a challenging experience for students, but
we are commited to helping you prepare for a successful future at THE ROCK.     


Phone: 724- 738-2067
Fax: 724- 738- 4497
Email: orientation@sru.edu

B-106 Bailey Library
Slippery Rock University
Slippery Rock, PA 16057