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Educational Leadership

Professor in Charge
Edwin P. Christmann, Ph.D.

The Department of Secondary Education/ Foundations of Education offers a master of education degree in Educational Leadership. 

     The Advanced Teaching Track in Educational Leadership is a Master of Education degree for individuals who already possess teacher certification. In addition to core courses, these certified teachers will concentrate in the principalship by electing 14 semester hours of coursework in Educational Leadership. Therefore, the program can lead to Pennsylvania Principal Certification. The GPA requirement for this program is 3.00 or greater. In addition, applicants must submit acceptable GRE or MAT scores. For more information about either program contact Dr. Edwin P. Christmann by calling (724) 738-2319. 


Advanced Teaching in Educational Leadership Track

I. PEDAGOGY     (10 semester hours)

  • SEFE 652          Organizational Leadership (3 credits)
  • SEFE 710           Leadership and the Administrative Process (2 credits) – includes a 30 hour field experience
  • SEFE 650           Strategic Leadership (3 credits)
  • SEFE 605           School Community Relations and Politics of School Governance (2 credits)

II. EDUCATIONAL MEASUREMENT     (3 semester hours)

  •  SEFE 671          Measurement and Assessment in Schools 

III. EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATIONS     (3 semester hours)

  • SEFE 604         Philosophical Foundations of Education 
  • SEFE 606         Social Foundations of Education 
  • SEFE 609         History of Western Education     
  • SEFE 680         Crucial Issues in Education     

IV. RESEARCH AND STATISTICS     (6 semester hours)

  • SEFE 602         Univariate Statistical Methods   
  • SEFE 696         Elements of Qualitative Educational Research 


  • SEFE 699         Elements of Quantitative Educational Research    

 V. ELECTIVES  (14 semester hours from the list below…each course is 1 credit)

 Certified students seeking principal certification are required to take the following courses to be recommended for certification.  Each theme includes a 30 hour field experience

·          THEME II

o    SEFE 711 – Foundations, School Reform and Alignment of School Curriculum

o    SEFE 726 -- Developing Positive Relationships with the Stakeholders

·          THEME III

o    SEFE 713 – School Facilities and Plant Operation

o    SEFE 714 – School Finance

·          THEME IV

o    SEFE 715 – Administrative Ethics and School Law

·          THEME V

o    SEFE 720 – The Law and Special Education

o    SEFE 721 – Special Education Program Administration

·          THEME VI

o    SEFE 724 – Mediating Conflict in Organizations

o    SEFE 722 – Personnel Selection and Supervision

o    SEFE 725 – Oral and Written Supervision

·          THEME VII

o    SEFE 712 – Instructional Supervision: Program Delivery and Management

o    SEFE 723 – Staff Development from Induction to Continuous Staff Development

NOTE: Two full semester practicum experience are required in addition to the required 30 hour field experience for each theme.  The first of these one credit practicum experiences is SEFE 717; the second one credit semester practicum is SEFE 727.


Advanced Track:

To be considered for unconditional admission to the advanced track,  all applicants must have a minimum of a bachelors degree with an undergraduate GPA of 3.00 (on a 4.00 scale) from an accredited institution of higher education. Applicants must also have official Graduate Record Examination (GRE) or Miller Analogies Test (MAT) scores forwarded to the Director of Graduate Admissions (see address below). The minimum acceptable overall total score on the verbal and quantitative sections of the GRE is 1000 to be considered for unconditional admission into this program. Moreover, a minimum score of 550 is required on the verbal section of the GRE for unconditional admission. If a student elects to take the MAT, the minimum acceptable total score is a 400 for unconditional admission. However, any student who holds a master's degree or the equivalent (i.e., LL.B., J.D., M.D., D.C., and D.D.S.), may request to have the GRE or MAT requirement waived. In addition, teachers must submit a copy of their teaching certificate and two letters of recommendation; one academic and one professional.


There are five steps to completing a master's degree at Slippery Rock University. Students must: 

  1. obtain unconditional admission status, 
  2. be approved for degree candidacy (students must successfully complete between 6 and 12 credit hours in a declared program of study and pass the Praxis I: Academic Skills Assessments for the Basic Program), 
  3. pass appropriate comprehensive examination, 
  4. complete research requirements, 
  5. complete requisite credit hours.

Note: All required sections of the Praxis I and Praxis II  must be completed and passed prior to enrollment in Seminar and Supervised Student Teaching. 

Upon completion of these five steps, the student will be required to apply for graduation before the end of the semester in which he or she wishes to graduate. See the Graduate Catalog for further information. 


Tuition and Fees

Graduate Assistantships

 Graduate assistantships include a stipend of $4,000 per academic year along with a full tuition waiver. Assistantships may be granted for up to two years, with the recipients working 17.5 hours each week and maintaining full-time student status with 9 or more graduate credits. Assistantship brochures may be obtained from the graduate office along with application forms which are submitted directly to the office in which employment is being sought, or you can obtain information with the graduate assistantships link . Unconditional admission to the graduate program is a prerequisite for assistantship eligibility.

Professor in Charge

Should you have any further questions regarding the social studies certification program, please contact the professor in charge, Dr. Edwin P. Christmann by calling (724) 738-2319. Application and procedural questions should be directed to the director of Graduate Admissions by phoning (724) 738-2051 or by writing: 

Professor in Charge
Dr. Edwin P. Christmann
Slippery Rock University
114 McKay Education Building
Slippery Rock University 
Slippery Rock, PA 16057

For more information please send mail to:

Graduate Studies

Application. The Office of Graduate Studies has an on-line application process for your convenience or you may fill in the inquiry request for a paper application.

Director of Graduate Admissions
Director of Graduate Admissions
124 North Hall Welcome Center
Slippery Rock University 
Slippery Rock, PA 16057 

*The educational policies and procedures are continually being reviewed and changed in keeping with the educational mission of the university. Consequently, this document cannot be considered binding and is intended to be used only as an informational guide. Students are responsible for keeping informed of official policies and regulations and for meeting all appropriate requirements. 

This page was last updated on April 28, 2009.