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Secondary Education:  Spanish


The Modern Language Department offers courses designed to develop linguistic skills and help students understand the country whose language they are studying so that they may communicate these skills and knowledge to their secondary students. In the state of Pennsylvania, modern language certification is for grades K-12.


Students who have studied a foreign language in high school for two years or more are advised to continue the study of that language.  The courses in which students enroll will be determined by the department on the basis of a placement examination administered by the department.




Required courses:


*SPAN  101   

Spanish Language and Culture I 


*SPAN  102     

Spanish Language and Culture II


*SPAN  103   

Spanish Language and Culture III 


*SPAN  200    

Intermediate Spanish Grammar


SPAN  201   

Communicating in Spanish 


SPAN  220   

Reading in Spanish 


SPAN  300   

Spanish Grammar Review 


SPAN  350

Spanish Phonetics and Linguistics


SPAN  400   

Advanced Spanish Grammar


SPAN  401   

Advanced Oral Communication Skills 


One of the following conversation classes: 


SPAN  301  

Intermediate Spanish Communications Skills

SPAN  302   

Communicating in Spanish for the Elementary Classroom

One of the following five civilization courses: 


SPAN  305   

Spanish Civilization

SPAN  306   

The Civilization of South America 

SPAN  307   

U.S. Spanish-Speaking Minority Cultures

SPAN  308   

The Civilization of Mexico and Central America 

SPAN  309   

Hispanic Civilization for the Elementary Classroom

One of the following literature survey courses:


SPAN  318  

Hispanic Literary Heritage 

SPAN  330    

Spanish Literature--Generation of ’98 to Present

SPAN  332   

Spanish-American Literature:  20th Century and Beyond

One of the following literature courses: 


SPAN  431   

Spanish Literature--Medieval to 18th Century

SPAN  432   

Spanish-American Literature--Pre-Columbian to 19th Century

*Special provisions are made for students starting at the basic level


Students desiring a secondary Spanish certificate will complete these credits toward specialization in addition to the required credits in Liberal Studies (42) and Professional Education (37).  


For course descriptions, please consult the current SRU Undergraduate Catalog.


Program checklists are available through the SEFE office.  For more information about the Secondary Education/Foundations of Education programs please contact our office.


Office Location:  114 McKay Education Building

Office Phone:  (724) 738-2041

Secretary:  Kay Castor (

Chair:  Dr. Edwin Christmann (

*The educational policies and procedures are continually being reviewed and changed in keeping with the educational mission of the university. Consequently, this document cannot be considered binding and is intended to be used only as an informational guide. Students are responsible for keeping informed of official policies and regulations and for meeting all appropriate requirements. 


This page was last updated:  08/05/2007

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