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Secondary Education 

Professional Education Requirements


The mission of the department is to provide secondary education majors with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions required to succeed in today's changing classrooms.  For certification, prospective secondary school teachers are required to take coursework in an academic discipline that is equivalent to a major in that discipline.  Secondary certification, except for modern languages, is a 7-12 program.  In the state of Pennsylvania, modern language certification is for grades K-12.


All students enrolled in a secondary education certification major will complete a total of 120 credits in the liberal studies area, professional education, and in a major subject area.  The following professional education courses are required in all secondary programs. 


Professional Education Requirements 


SEFE  200  

Introduction to Education 


SEFE  230  

Production and Utilization of Instructional Technology


CDEV 248  

Human Development and Education


SEFE  270  

Educational Measurements, Assessments and Evaluation


*SEFE  xxx  

Teaching of xxx in Secondary Schools


SEFE  329  

Methods of Instruction in Secondary Content Areas


SEFE  426  

Field Practicum--Secondary Education


SEFE  380  

History and Philosophy of Education


          The following 2 courses are taken the same semester:

SPED  31

Special Education Issues in Diverse Secondary Classrooms


SEFE  455 

Student Teaching: Secondary Education  


34 credits


 *A specialized methods course is offered in each certification.


The Secondary Education/Foundations of Education department offers four areas of specialization

To learn more about the courses required for each specialization, click on your area of interest.


Each area of specialization includes courses to be completed in addition to the liberal studies and professional education courses.  Successful completion of this prescribed program is required for eligibility for a degree, Bachelor of Science in Education.  Those individuals who complete the degree requirements and meet the Pennsylvania Department of Education requirements may be recommended for an Instructional I Certificate. 


For SEFE course descriptions, please consult the current SRU Undergraduate Catalog.

For more information about the Secondary Education/Foundations of Education programs, please contact our office.


Office Location:  114 McKay Education Building

Office Phone:  (724) 738-2041

Secretary:  Kay Castor (

Chair:  Dr. Edwin P. Christmann (


Slippery Rock University also provides a graduate program for students interested in teaching science and math at the secondary level.  To receive a teaching certificate in math or science, the candidate must first earn a bachelor's degree (BA/BS) in a math or science area and then complete a Master of Education Degree for secondary teaching certification.  For more information on this program, please consult the SEFE Graduate Programs webpage.

*The educational policies and procedures are continually being reviewed and changed in keeping with the educational mission of the university. Consequently, this document cannot be considered binding and is intended to be used only as an informational guide. Students are responsible for keeping informed of official policies and regulations and for meeting all appropriate requirements. 


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