Tentative  Schedule of Classes              Fall         Spring        Summer       Fall            Spring

       (Subject to change)                            2004            2005         2005               2005        2006


Number            Title


SEFE 200        Intro. to Education                 x                 x                x                   x              x   

SEFE 230            Prod. & Util. Inst. Tech.     x                        x                x                            x              x

SEFE 270            Educ. Meas. & Assess.       x                   x                x                            x              x

SEFE 319            Teaching of Soc. Studies    x                      x                                              x              x

SEFE 320            Teaching of English               x                         x                                        x              x

SEFE 323            Teaching of World Lang.    x                                                                x

SEFE 329            Methods of Instr. Sec.          x                         x                                         x              x

SEFE 380            History & Phil. of Educ.     x                       x                x                            x                    x

SEFE 420            Amer. Educ. in 21st Cent.   x                          x                                             x                    x

SEFE 426            Practicum in Sec, Educ.      x                      x                                     x              x   

SEFE 439            Issues in Sec. Cont. Class.  x                          x                (discontinued)

SEFE 455            Student Teaching                   x                         x                                        x              x


SEFE 602            Univariate Statistics             x                         x                   x                   x              x

SEFE 604            Philosophical Found.          x                                                                x

SEFE 606            Social Foundations                                                           x                  

SEFE 642            Technologies for Instr.                                                                          

SEFE 644            Instructional Design                                 

SEFE 647            Tech.-Based Inq. Math/Sci                         x                x                                                  x

SEFE 648            Video Production               

SEFE 650            School Supervision                                                    x                     

SEFE 652            Organ. Leadership                                                                         x

SEFE 676            Teach. Integr. Sci./Math     x                                   x                            x

SEFE 677            Directed Field Math/Sci     x                  x                                              x              x

SEFE 680            Crucial Issues in Educ.                                  x                   x                                   x     

SEFE 696            Qualitative Ed. Research                         x                                                            x   

SEFE 699            Quantitative Ed. Research  x                                       x                            x

SEFE 701            Supervised Student Teaching            x             x                                        x              x