Second Annual National Student Teacher Supervision Conference

Invitation for Proposals Form
Submission Period: before April 14, 2008

Presentation Information

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Session Format:

Presentation Session
Panel Session
Teacher Candidate’s Poster Presentation: My Impact on Students’ Learning

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Cooperating Teachers and Administrators

Teacher Candidates




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Proposal Description (not applicable for poster presentation)

Proposals should include the following:

1.       abstract of the session: under 75 words

2.       objectives of the session

3.       ways of involving the audience in the session

4.       what attendees can expect to experience and learn

5.       maximum length: 400 words including abstract

Hint: Please type your proposal in a word processor like MS Word or WordPerfect, do a word count, spell check the document, and then copy and paste it into the text box below.


Poster presentations should include the following:

1.       Information on presentation (50 words or less)

2.       Major(s)



Co-Presenters' Information (not applicable for poster presentation)

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Equipment for Presentation

Equipment you will need:

Please be aware that if you bring your own computer, we will not be able to connect it to the Internet. We have Internet-ready PCs and Macs for your use.

I'll bring everything myself.


I don't require anything.


LCD Projector

VCR/TV Monitor

Projector (For Computer)

Overhead Projector

Flip Chart






Reminder: Submission of proposals period is April14, 2008

Please read this agreement.

All presenters play an important role in this conference's community of learners by sharing their knowledge with attendees. Equally important for a valuable conference is the human networking and sharing of ideas in various contexts. We encourage, whenever possible, all presenters to attend the whole conference and other presentations. Thank you for your cooperation with this request.

 I have read the invitation for presenters at the National Student Teacher Supervision Conference.

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