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2009 Student Teaching Supervision Conference

Call for Proposals

All proposals will be submitted online using the form found on this page. Please read session, proposal, and submission information carefully in order to avoid delays and to give proposals the best opportunity for acceptance. All proposals will go through a blind, peer-review process by the Conference Review Board consisting of faculty knowledgeable about the supervision of teaching and learning.


The Student Teacher Supervision Conference
Submission of Proposals:April 1, 2009 - Student Teachers' Poster Presentation is accepted until May 10.
Result of Proposal Review: April 15, 2009



Tracks for k-12 teachers and administrators

Workshops addressing cooperating teachers’ role in co-teaching; legal issues; providing feedback to teacher candidates; sharing the vision for your classroom and the culture of the school.

Tracks for university supervisors

Workshops and informative sessions for the university supervisor including: legal issues; framework for teaching; developing relationships with school agencies; supervision in the co-teaching model; and streamlining the evaluation process.

Tracks for college of education students

Workshops beneficial to the teacher candidate including the following: legal issues; interviewing skills; resumes; job search; my role in co-teaching; conferencing skills; and communicating with parents, teachers, students, and supervisors.

Session Formats

Presentation Session: 45 minutes

A focused, interactive session/workshop is encouraged with clear objectives and learning outcomes for the audience.

Panel Session: 45 minutes

Rather than a series of short, individual presentations, panel sessions should be genuinely interactive among the panelists, and between the panelists and the audience. The panelists can develop different perspectives or discuss various aspects of the topic.

There will be moderators for the presentation and panel sessions who will contact the presenters prior to the conference to discuss introductions and the content of the presentations. At each session, a moderator will begin and end the session on time, introduce the presenter(s) and the session topic, and distribute and collect session assessment forms to the attendees.

Student Teachers' Poster Session

Posters will set up before the start of the conference (Friday morning) and will be available for viewing throughout the conference. At designated times the teacher candidates need to be with their posters to discuss them with people examining the posters.

Evaluation of Proposals

Each proposal will be reviewed by a minimum of two reviewers who will recommend one of three options: 1) acceptance of the proposal, 2) revision of the proposal, or 3) rejection of the proposal. The reviewers will also provide comments for improvement, suggestions for recommended revisions, or why proposals might not be accepted. These comments will be given to the submitters of the proposals.

The reviewers will examine and evaluate proposals in these areas:

Acceptance of proposals

The result of the review process will be provided to submitters within two weeks of reception of the proposals. Thus, the earlier proposals are received during the submission period, the sooner the review results will be obtained. The presenters of all accepted proposals are to give confirmation to the conference chair that they will present at the conference in May. Presenters are responsible for their own conference registration and fee, travel, and lodging.

Presenters must supply abstracts of their presentations by the designated date to the Conference Program Coordinator. These abstracts will be used in the Conference Program Booklet and in the Conference Proceedings. The format for the abstract is as follows:

Presenters are asked to fully participate in the entire conference and attend sessions and events.

Presenters whose registration fee is not received by (date to be announced) may be deleted from the conference schedule of sessions and program booklet.

Proposal Submission Form

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