...A Collection of Fiction,    


                                                                        Prose Poetry,

                                                                            Personal Essay,

                                                                                    and Visual Art                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

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Featured Writers

Shannon Callahan, “My Shadow Self”

Andrew Bonnar, “Sleep Tight”
“Things to Do with an Olive Branch"
Liz Varnise, “Visits”

Contributing Writers:

Caitlin Cobern, “The Rain Fell Until”
Seth Drobney, “Funfundfunfzig Gelb Orangen”
Mindy Osborne, “Staring at the Stars”
Matthew Cumberledge, “Napalm Death”
Amber Langyher, “No Longer”
Lisbeth Wells-Pratt, “Catalogue”
Shannon Callahan, “What Night Brings”
Sarah Horner, “Dreams”
Liz Varnise, “Used”
Katie Lyon, “Summertime”
Mike Goodwin, Poems
Melanie Martin, “Excerpt from ‘Trickster Ghost Returning’”
Mary Colleen Patterson, “Reading Breece Pancake in the


Featured Artists:

Autumn Parker, Editors’ Choice............................Front Cover
Katie McGuinness, Second Place
Sarah Dixon, Third Place
Travis Schwab, Honorable Mention
Samantha Wimer, Honorable Mention

Contributing Artists:

Sami Christophe
Jenna Kern
Amber Langyher
Anastasia Gates
Rachel McCarren
Kyle Nevel
Julie Ochaba
Jeremy Popp
Jenna Rimko
Stan Termini
Emma Thompson-Green
Phoebe Violet

*Note: We were unfortunately unable to include Jenna Rimko's artwork because of difficulties
with scanning, but the editors loved it!


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