Courses of Study
and Tracking Information
The Department of Theatre at SRU offers a Bachelor of Arts degree. An undergraduate theatre major selects one of three tracks as a specialization: Acting, Design/Tech, or Playwriting; and must take a minimum of 40 credit hours within the department as part of the university-required 120 credits. The department also offers a minor in Theatre, requiring 20 credits.

core requirements for all specializations
acting specialization course
design/tech specialization course
playwriting specialization course
theatre minor course

core requirements
All Theatre Majors must complete the core requirements for a total of 19 credit hours which consist of: fundamentals of acting, stagecraft, four rehearsal and production courses, survey of dramatic literature, directing, and professional theatre practice.

Students will acquire the techniques necessary for the confident, skilled performance of dramatic roles. Perform as part of an ensemble. Understand the concept of "improvisation" within a scripted scene. Explore and discover self as the primary instrument of acting. Develop versatility as a performer. Conduct character analysis. Perform material from different periods and places.

Students will gain skills which will enable them to make, justify and execute production and design choices. Analyze scripts and characters. Research and synthesize information to produce original ideas. Develop and demonstrate technical abilities and techniques. Develop and utilize diverse construction methods and safe theatre practices. Work within deadlines and budget restraints. Learn and develop artistic and design skills. Gain hands-on practical experience.

playwriting and directing
Students will be provided with skills necessary for the creation of play scripts. Students will learn the essential elements of play directing and apply them in developing a publicly staged or studio performance. Explore and discover the individual self as the primary instrument of playwriting. Develop a sense of urgency and structure in the play script. Create and develop unique dramatic characters. Understand the idea of a directorial concept and to apply it to a variety of dramatic texts. Develop an understanding of the craft of acting and techniques for coaching actors.

theatre minor
The Department also offers a Minor in Theatre consisting of 20 credits

Students will learn develop skills that shall enable them to conduct themselves in a manner accepted in the professional community. Develop leadership, collaboration, communication and job skills. Adopt attitudes, values, work ethics, and time skills management appropriate to a professional setting. Increase self-motivation, self-reliance and self-confidence. Develop and maintain a sense of responsibility and commitment to their work as theatre artists.

Students will be provided with special opportunities. Design or direct a main stage or studio production. Obtain a work-study position within the department. Work as an intern in a theatre environment. Attend off-campus theatre events. Attend, participate and compete in regional and national conferences.