What is CPUB?
The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania University Biologists (CPUB) was founded in 1973 as an organization to provide support for the teaching and research activities of faculty in the biological sciences from the fourteen state-owned universities in the State System of Higher Education (SSHE). Its activities have included scientific meetings, symposia and institutes for the enhancement of the professional development of its members and associates. It also provides a forum for graduate and undergraduate students for the presentation of their research.
What does CPUB offer?
For members, CPUB offers an opportunity to participate in a variety of professional activities, including
  • presentation by faculty and students of original research at annual meetings.
  • participation in special topic institutes and workshops for faculty, in both teaching and research.
  • exchange between faculty of ideas, labs, procedures and teaching methods.
  • collaboration in research and teaching with colleagues in the SSHE.
  • development of position papers on topics of vital interest to higher education in the Commonwealth.
For the community, CPUB offers a resource of biological and environmental expertise within the faculties of the fourteen SSHE universities, including a speakers list.

News and Events

CPUB is on Facebook! Find us here.

Annual Meeting 2017 will be at Kutztown University, April 7-8, 2017. The information packet is available for download. The CPUB Proceedings is available for download.

Registration for the Annual Meeting 2017 Registration is open.

Student Research Grants: The RFP for 2016 student research grants have been awarded. here The deadline for the next RFP will be in the Fall of 2017.

A reminder that grant recipients are required to submit a final report for their grant by August of the year the grant was awarded. Failure to submit a report will result in ineligibility to submit future grant requests.