Geography, Geology, and the Environment
Geography, Geology, and the Environment

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Chris Bova, G&ES '02. Only three months after graduating (I graduated May of 2002) I accepted a full-time position as a Planner with the Lawrence County Planning Department.  I have been working here now for over a year-and-a-half. The main duty I am responsible for now is the creation of the County's first Hazard Mitigation Plan.   ...Three out of the five members out of our Planning Department are SRU graduates (at one time or another), so maybe that helped a little when being interviewed for the position.   Well, I hope all is well with the Department.  Take care.  Chris Bova, BS Applied Geography (May 2002). (3/2004)

Shelly Comer, BA in Geography and BS in Applied Geographic Technology '06. Shelly is A GIS technician with Passarella and Associates in Fort Meyers, FL (10/06)

Tom Connelly, G&ES '99. Just an update as to my whereabouts. After spending a couple years working as the Land Use Planner with the Crawford County Planning Commission I have recently moved on to the City Planning Administrator position with the City of Wheeling, WV, in the Department of Community and Economic Development.  This position will focus on urban planning whereas Crawford County (Meadville) largely dealt with the planning of rural areas. With this new position comes the added responsibilities as serving as the City's Zoning Officer, serving as staff to the City's Planning Commission, Zoning Committee, Subdivision Committee and Board of Zoning Appeals as well as performing necessary updates to the Comprehensive Plan and amendments to the City's Zoning Ordinance. One duty of the position I am looking forward to is developing the City's GIS into an important resource for the department.  I will keep you posted as to any happenings. Hope all is well at SRU. (7-9-2002)

Beverley Evans, G&ES '93. Planner, Graney, Grossman, Ray & Associates, Harrisville, PA.  (8-22-2000)

Anna Fasoli, BS in Environmental Studies, BS in Geography: Applied Geographic Technology '07. Anna was hired as an intern for the eastern migratory whooping crane reintroduction program run by the Fish and Wildlife Service and International Crane Foundation.  It is located in Necedah, Wisconsin at the Necedah National Wildlife Refuge.  My internship is a combination internship including chick rearing, radio tracking, and GIS database applications.  (5/07)

Justin Goodlin, G&ES '03.
Justin writes: "I'm working for the Florida National Scenic Trail in Tallahassee. It's a pretty good spot, and part of what I do is studying what lands are available for us to acquire for trail building purposes as well as conservation purposes. In whole our land acquisition program is just a small part of an effort statewide to set aside land for conservation, and to counter the outrageous urban growth trends."  Justin has also decided to pursue a Master's and PhD with a focus on the geographic, economic and political factors of sustainable economics and growing sustainable economies.  (1-31-2008)

I'm writing to keep you up on how I'm doing.  I am now employed at the Westsylvania Heritage Corporation.  We do historic preservation, tourism, and recreation, and provide funding related to such issues.  Right now I'm working with the Progress Fund (Congressman Murtha's project) to help identify funding areas (all on GIS of course).  How's the program doing?  One of the reasons that I got hired here was because of the all-around knowledge of GIS that I have.  I attributed that to the experience that the program gave me. And as far as my experience outside the university, you have a top notch GIS program there. So keep up the good work.  A friend of mine will be graduating in 2 weeks so I will be at SRU to see him graduate.  Maybe I'll catch up with you then. If you have any questions or need any help, don't hesitate to e-mail me.  Justin Goodlin, GIS Manager, Westsylvania Heritage Corporation.  (12-7-2003)

Robert Kruse, G&ES '99. Hello, Everyone!  My work is progressing nicely here at Kent State University. I am currently ABD and working away on my dissertation, "The Beatles and Landscapes of Everyday Life".   It is a landscape study of the ways in which artifacts, memorials, public art, graffiti, and the resignification of ordinary places associated with the Beatles reflect competing discourses of youth and everyday life.  It is challenging and enjoyable work.  I am also applying for jobs as I plan to defend my dissertation in the late Spring of 2004.  I have no idea where I will be relocating, but I am up for the adventure...   I frequently think of the people I met and the experiences I had at Slippery Rock and how they prepared me to meet my current challenges.  Thanks, everyone!  I'd love to hear from anyone. All the best, Rob Kruse (11/03)

Joshua Lapp, G&ES '99. How is everything in Slippery Rock? I wanted to contact you and let you know about the position I recently accepted. I was hired by Eagan McAllister and Associates, Inc. (EMA), in Lexington Park, Maryland. My title is GIS Analyst I. My primary task is to use Visual Basic, Avenue, MapObjects, and ArcView for GIS application development. The majority of my work will be for the Department of Defense. EMA has ongoing projects at many of the military bases on the eastern shore. I could not have asked for a more challenging, technically advanced, and rewarding position. Our website is  Josh Lapp, Eagan, McAllister Associates, Inc., (301) 863-2199 ext. 287  (5/00)

Brian Lipinski, Environmental Science '99. 5462 Library Road, Bethel Park, PA 15102.  Finished MS in hydrology at Michigan State University in 2002 (thesis topic: Estimating natural attenuation rates for a chlorinated hydrocarbon plume in a glacio-fluvial aquifer, Schoolcraft, Michigan).  Worked in environmental consulting for about 1-1/2 years, and decided to become a professional student.  Started at Pitt in the fall of 2003, working on the Powder River Basin coalbed methane site as a Research Fellow for the Department of Energy.  Using geophysics to maps aquifers in the area. His dissertation topic is "Integrating hydrogeochemical data with airborne geophysical data to enhance hydrogeologic investigations of coalbed methane produced water disposal. (9/03)

Brent McCloskey, BS in Environmental Studies '05, with a minor in Geographic Information Technology.  I have just finished my first year (of a 3 year fellowship) with the EPA's Chesapeake Bay Program in Annapolis, Maryland. The Chesapeake Bay Program is a regional partnership leading and directing the protection and restoration of the Bay. The Bay Program coordinates efforts among the states of Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, Delaware and West Virginia; the District of Columbia and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The Program works on a watershed-wide level with researchers, policymakers and resource managers from universities, conservation organizations, business and industry, and local, state and federal governments to implement programs to insure the future health and sustainability of the Bay. My role, as a Living Resources Subcommittee Fellow, is to coordinate environmental policy and management activities within several workgroups that I staff. The (4) workgroups that I coordinate with are: wetlands evaluation; stream corridor restoration; mid-Atlantic aquatic invasive species; and fish passage of migratory and resident fish through dam removal processes. Typical work days vary for me, from meetings to coordination to document writing and research, I never seem to be doing the same thing. Most recently, I was accepted as a Master's Candidate in Environmental Science and Policy at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. I will be attending evening classes part-time starting this Fall while I continue to work full-time at the Fellowship. You can find out more about my work at ( or just email me anytime at ( (9/9/06)

Kristin Pagano, BS in Environmental Studies '04. Kristen is a lab technician for Severn Trent Laboratories in Newburgh, NY. She tests water and soil samples for volatile compounds. (12/06)

Tom Zanarini, G&ES '03. Thomas A. Zanarini, 03, is the Zoning Official, Town of Waterford, 15 Rope Ferry Road, Waterford, CT 06385. (11/2004)

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