Geography, Geology and the Environment Club
Slippery Rock University
Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania
The Geography, Geology and the Environment Club is a student based organization with two faculty advisors.
G.G.E. club was created in the 1950s to enhance the awareness of earth sciences and to provide opportunities for students to get involved in their local, regional and global environment.
The club is dynamic because it incorporates multiple fields of science bringing together students who care about the environment. We provide opportunities for personal growth and education within their field. In addition, its a great way to get involved and meet students and professionals in similar fields.
Our headquarters is located in 311 ATS, where we have regular meetings every other Thursday. So if you prefer the outdoors, camping, hiking and aiding the environment, you can find it here.
“I like how the GGE club is so broad, it draws in a variety of students with various amounts of knowledge and interest. When we meet this allows us to develop relationships with people outside our majors. With the club being so broad club members also have the chance to gain lots of knowledge from their peers.”
-Dan Cannon, President Geography Club
Welcome to the G.G.E. Club!