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Table of Contents

Carlos Ponce-Melendez -
Abnormal Deaths
Carol Nolde - The Beginning
Barry Ballard - Remembering the Farmers Forced Into Factories
Eliza Bishop - A Marble Shoots Through the Center of Memory

Sharon Doyle - Morning Greeting in New Orleans
James Doyle - Okay You Sumbitch,
Carol V. Davis - The Circumference of Oranges
Lori Anderson Moseman - Canoehead: Fallow (Following Flood)
Gail Rudd Entrekin - After Snorkeling at Molokini Crater
Richard Luftig - Optimists
Huang Xiang - Guitar
Corrine DeWinter - The First Snow
Joyce Thomas - Foreboding
Anne Harding Woodworth - Back to that Silent Evening
Lyn Lifshin - Another One Dead
Daniel M. Gallik - What a Loving Man Thought of Matters
Huang Xiang - Abnormal Deaths

Brady Rhoades - Goddamnit, that Hurts
Diane Payne - Calm
Shari Mastalski - Jump
Don Waters - The Shivering of Leaves
Martin Lindauer - A Moving Lunch
Rich Ives - A Moment of Rest
Kathie Giorgio - So Now You're Dead
Joe Benevento - Where Have You Been, Katerina Zoshchenko
Arlene Sanders - The Arrival

Creative Nonfiction
Gail Folkins - Three-Cheek Kiss
Jennifer Knox - Cycles of Song
John Repp - Faith and Testimony
Dan Skiar - When I Was Twenty-One
John M. Edwards - The Maltese Beercan
Robert L. Foreman - Moving Forward
Roger Garside - China's Prophet of Freedom: The Poet Huang Xiang
James Crowley - The Name on the Door

Elizabeth R. Curry Poetry Contest Winners
First Place, Howard W. Robertson - The life of trees, birds, and stones
Second Place, Paula Lambert - Bees
Third Place, Alan Peterson - Poets and Criminals
Runner Up, John Fitzpatrick - Leaf Falling
Runner Up, Allison Joseph - Fish Crow
Runner Up, Evelyn Ibarra - Providence

Creative Nonfiction Contest Winners
First Place, Cara Ford - Gravity, the Pull
Second Place, Dorothy Blackcrow Mack - How I Ruined My Reputation on the Res
Third Place, Judith Scheffler - The Mad Whittler
Runner Up, Yuliana M. Kim-Grant - The World Divided--Nigger


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