Table of Contents
Contest Winners
Ellaraine Locke
Emily Reardon
Jean Tupper
Barbara Schweitzer
Nancy Tupper Ling
Daniel Donaghy
Bonnie Naradzay
Gerald Huml
Boe Barnett
Elizabeth Rodriguez
Antonio Sacre
Miriam Sagan
Lynn Veach Sadler
Craig Sanders
A.M. Heny
Mary McLaughlin Sletcha
Christina Kapp
Creative Nonfiction
Constance Studer
Tom Meek
Author Bios
Issue 2
Table of Contents

Barbara Schweitzer - Chicory
Parker Tettleton
- Took A Rose
Peter Dabbene
- Trapped In Amber
Eitan Kadosh
- Origin of Species
Eli Langner
- Ephemera
Nancy Tupper Ling
- Jasmine
Daniel Donaghy -
Nockamixon Lake
Bonnie Naradzay
- House on the Patuxent River
Elizabeth McLagan
- Some Fauve in the Fields
Parker Tettleton -
Velvet On Her Way
Gerald Huml
- Drive
Gay Baines
- Never Chant
Trent Busch
- Reason
Carol Davis
- The Heart
Greg Moglia
- A Form of Error
J.E. Robinson
- A Week
Boe Barnett
- Father
Dennis Saleh
- Night at Palmway
Daniel M. Gallik
- What I Do On the Weekends
Mimi Moriarty -
Elizabeth Rodriguez
- Banana Bread
Amy Billone
- Man of Steel
K.E. Duffin -
Lioness Demon
Antonio Sacre
- I Need A Poem
Miriam Sagan -
Found Poem
Antonio Sacre -
For Hubbard Slammers
Elizabeth Wylder
- The Pirate and The Plank
John Fitzpatrick -
Dennis Stiles
- Late April Morning
Antonio Sacre
- Sue
Irena Praitis
- Starved Thin
Georgie Lee Blalock III
- Death Is A Simple Fact
Ann Tobias Karson
- Haunted Self
Eileen Malone -
More Like Angels
Lynn Veach Sadler - Pressing My Own Olives for Oil
Dean Faulwell -
The Truth of Real Pain
Lynne Shapiro -
Two Cubists Awaiting the Deluge
Nicole Hardy -
I Stay The Night
Antonio Sacre -
Francesca and Paolo
Karen Porter -
An Elegant Depression
Dennis Saleh -
Brian Johnson -
Transition From Me to You
Robin Brown -

Chuck Augello - A Lesson In Fire
Craig Sanders - Wagging Their Tails Behind Them
A.M. Heny - Delivered
Iam - Duct Tape Gratitude
Mary McLaughlin Sletcha - The Chinese Baby
Christina Kapp - Old Friends
Kay Harris - Biding Time
Sally Leslie - Vic and Twonny
Meg Claudel - Map
David Massengill - My Shadow and Me
Bayard - The Bride of Fensterstock
Sally Pont - The Lights, As Expected
Laura McCullough - Little Wolf
Eva Konstantopoulos - We Are Daughters Of The Sun

Creative Nonfiction
Constance Studer - Are You Okay? Yes, I’m Okay.
Tom Meek - The Season that Almost Wasn’t
Scott Blasey - Thank You
Pappi Thomas - Boys and Girls

Elizabeth R. Curry Poetry Contest Winners
First Place, Ellaraine Lockie - Godot goes to Montana
Second Place, Emily Reardon - Crowing
Third Place, Jean Tupper - Here: after