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Table of Contents

Michele Battiste - Your Bed
Daniel Baughman - Breathe
Doug Bolling - City Traffic
Susana H. Case - Not Only Tears Can Heal
Barbara Daniels - Dark Blood
Michael James Dennison - Breezewood Rendezvous
Kika Dorsey - 4th of July, 2007
Brian Durling - Gumbo
John Glass - FoodTown, late
Mike Goodwin - The Wedding Dance
John Grey - Flats and Heels
Scott Hempel - The 25th Hour
Donald Illich - Glue on My Wings
Amanda McQuade - Free Blackberries
Stephen Mead - Come Back
Karen Neuberg - Forever, a poem of motherhood for I.S.
Radames Ortiz - Mateo
Radames Ortiz - Grand Theft Auto Monstrosity
Scott Owens - The Question of Failure Arises
Laurel S. Peterson - Waiting
Donna Pucciani - Ballet Russes
Brady Rhoades - What Your Dad’s Underpants Have to do With Space Travel
Jason Schneiderma - Easy to Say
Ezra Stead - Camera
Jennifer Weathers - A Poem, Composed While Living on the East Coast...
Brandi Wells - The Way He Creeps
Lisbeth Wells-Pratt - Dressing
Helen Wickes - Rabbits Keep my Father Alive
Mark Wisniewski - Somewhere on the Brightest Day

Jackie Ernst - The Gift of Self-Destruction
Renato Escudero - Ay D’Lores
Allen Gee - For Whom?
Morgan Harlow - December
Susan Kelley - Out of Breath
Philip Kobylarz - Aquamarine
Laura Miller - The Pursuit of Happiness
Julie Mitchell - Between Liquid
Michelle Panik O’Neill - No Multiple Submisssions
Ed Piskor - The Big Date
Ezra Stead - The Bodybuilder

Creative Nonfiction
Kathrin Bittner - Oil City
Susana Chávez-Silverman - Arañita Cobriza Fantasy Crónica
Susana Chávez-Silverman - Hawk Call Crónica
Susana Chávez-Silverman - Trincheras Crónica
Craig Copper - Raining in the Desert
Elizabeth di Grazia - I Know That I’m Going to Cry
Liz Dolan - An Ear for Language
Jean Giovanetti - Strawberry Bombe
Ruth Rouff - Disruptions
Shanti Weiland - Order

Elizabeth R. Curry Poetry Contest Winners
First Place, Allison Joseph - What Poetry Is
Second Place, Maureen Tolman Flannery - Where Time Faltered
Third Place, Carissa DiGiovanni - At the Caliente Tropics Resort

Dion N. Farquhar - What Not to Write About
Willa Granger - The Voice Box
Sandra Soli - Gathering Ingredients
Gerald R. Wheeler - Sika Landscape II

_ Issue 3
_ 2007 - 2008
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_ Contest Winners and Finalists

_ Poetry
_ Michele Battiste
_ Radames Ortiz
_ Brady Rhoades
_ Jennifer Weathers
_ Helen Wickes

_ Allen Gee
_ Michelle Panik O'Neill

_Creative Nonfiction
_ Susana Chavez-Silverman,
_ Aranita Corbriza Fantasy Cronica

_ Susana Chavez-Silverman,
_ Hawk Call Cronica

_ Liz Dolan

_ Author Bios

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