Issue 4

Table of Contents

Unrequited - Suejin Suh
In The Garden - Jim Zimmerman
Moon Walking- Jane Rosenberg LaForge
3 or 4 Days - Mark Wisniewski
Lap Dance - Jospeh Goosey
Rosemary Brown, Friend of Dead Composers - Alex Cigale
That Light - Paul Hostovsky
Apple - John Repp
The Man his Mother Knew - Caroline Misner
The Monarch - Suzanne Ondrus
Egg Wars - Rob Burnside
Desire - Brian Brown
The Displacement of Dreams - Jonathan Greenhause
Pinocchia - Lauren Schmidt
Calendar Islands - Jeffrey Alfier
The Metalsmith - Dorothy DiRienzi
Louise Nevelson - Alex Cigale
Eva's Catalog of Household Objects - Greta Pullen
Wedding Day Liaison - Ian Haight
Snail Mail - Paul Hostovsky
Accidentally on Purpose - Marjorie Zettler
slither and crawl - Marqus Bobesich
Infatuation - Lindsay Ehrisman
Dr. Genghis Chang, the Eye Machine, Meets Agnes Pincus - Ariel Smart
Dancing with Green Bees - Karla Linn Merrifield
Aunt Jemima's Revenge - Allison Joseph
P.H. in Paris - Robert Kramer

The Arsonist - Justin Nicholes
The Blurbs of Eric Demp - Brian Beise
The Corset - Gia Sola
Small Town Fusion - David Luoma
Small Things - Marsha Koretzky
Funny, Cry, Happy - Robin Caine
Death of the Monolith - Dustin Harbin
Request for Refund - Shellie Zacharia

Creative Nonfiction
Exhausted from Sex - Henry Tonn
Grandpa Tom's Cane - Bob Mustin
Empty Lungs - Rachel Rosolina
Kindle Didn't Start a Fire - Kim Allen Niesen
The Underlying Truth - Ronna Edelstein
Dream House - Lisa Harris
Exit Wounds - Anthony King

Elizabeth R. Curry Poetry Contest Winners
First Place, David Prodell
Sad Sack

Second Place, Roberta Marggraff
Familiar Tongue

Third Place, Jeanne Wagner
The Place In Between

_ Issue 4
_ 2008 - 2009

_ Table of Contents

_ Contest Winners
_ First Place, David Prodell
_ Second Place, Roberta Marggraff
_ Third Place, Jeanne Wagner

_ Poetry
_ Mark Wisniewski
_ Suzanne Ondrus
_ Lauren Schmidt
_ Greta Pullen
_ Marqus Bobesich
_ Ariel Smart
_ Allison Joseph

_ Fiction
_ Justin Nicholes
_ Gia Sola

Creative Nonfiction
_ Rachel Rosolina
_ Anthony King

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